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look who decided to show up

well, i’m actually working on stuuf at the moment, sorry this is taking so long.  it’s just so goddamn difficult to care about anything ever.



Well, it seems like, once again, I’ve done exactly the same bullshit that I’ve done since 2006 with stuuf: get ten minutes of inspiration, only to realize that I am terrible and I don’t have anything interesting to say.  The only thing I ever do really is complain, and I don’t really want to make this an entire website of me complaining.

Inevitably, that’s what this is going to become anyway.

I am making no promises about anything.

I am a jerx.

ok, things are underway

Hi everybody (read: nobody),

I’m real sorry nothing is going on.  Really and truly I am.  Writing software can be a time consuming thing, especially when you’re working 85 hour weeks in the shittiest state on the east coast, and when nobody is going to help.

So!  In an effort to get shit done, well, I am going to get shit done.  My work schedule is calming down, and I soon I won’t be sitting in an air conditioned room (it’s winter) for twelve hours at a time to stare at a thing.

Um, maybe I’ll have some things done in the next few days?  Maybe some content?  I think it may be time to rally the writers and get them writing, because I’m not going to write anything of substance.  Well, I don’t think substance is really the key here.


new year and shit

It’s the end of 2011.  This years wasn’t too good.  Or maybe it was?  Whatever.  Have a happy new year.

oh, hi!

Welcome to the next phase of stuuf.


It’s just Erin and me right now.  We will be making awesome things.  You can be sure of that.  What to expect?  … I’ve tried writing a follow up sentence to that ten times just now, and I can’t do it.  So, I’m not going to finish it.

Right now we’re running on a wordpress thing.  I’m working on a thing (maybe called kittymeow) that will eventually replace this wordpress engine.  This is exciting.

A more complete statement of goals to come in the near future!  Meanwhile, keep it contextual.