What is stuuf?

Put simply, stuuf is stuff after billions (trillions?) of years of evolution.  Stuff squared (stuff^2, (stuff * stuff), etc.)  Stuuf is the next logical step for the human race.

Stuuf.org is, in essence, a conglomerate against bullshit.  We hate bullshit.  Bullshit sucks.  The essence of that phrase will permeate everything that this site is.  If it’s bullshit, we don’t want it.  If you are into bullshit, well, you should probably go somewhere else.  This isn’t the place for you.


At the moment, this site is running using wordpress.  This has to change.  Not because I don’t like wordpress (it’s pretty good so far), or I don’t agree with it’s license (I do: GPLv2), or the technologies that it’s running on (php and mysql are pretty legit) are inferior.  No, it has to change because I’m writing my own thing.  The main page for that will be up soon.  If want to work on an ultra-light, bsd-licensed CMS, let me know.  It’ll eventually run this site.